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Major Fair - Monday, November 4th

Having MAJOR panic?


Picking or switching a major can seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be!

Come to the Major Fair on Monday, November 4th in the Grand Maple Ballroom from 2-4pm to get all the information you need to pick the right major for you.

Faculty and Staff from all 7 colleges, career services, the registrar and honors college will be there to answer questions such as:

  • How can I transfer into the business school? Will I have to take summer classes?
  • I’m still undecided. What can I do that may help me find my fit?
  • What’s the difference between environmental studies in CALS, CAS and RSENR?
  • What can I do with an education major that isn’t teaching?
  • I want to work with refugees, what major is best for me?
  • How will applying to a new school impact being in the honors college?

 …and any other questions related to changing majors, changing colleges, picking a minor or your career goals.

No registration necessary, just drop by any time and there will be folks ready to help you!

For questions and accommodations contact fye@uvm.edu

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